Services Provided

Management Roles: 

Working at the direction of and as advisors to the board of directors we manage the daily functions of the association.

Some of our day-to-day tasks include:

  • overseeing all contractors servicing the property
  • providing a violation program to assure all homeowners are in compliance with the associations documents and notification to homeowners who are out of compliance
  • communicating with residents to assist in any issues they might have
  • preparing and mailing proper meeting notices to the homeowners as per the associations documents and Florida statute
  • processing sales and rental applications
  • processing architectural review applications

Financial Services: 

  • providing complete customized monthly association financial statements in accordance with general accounting practices
  • assist the board of directors in preparing the annual budgets
  • providing current accounts receivable reports
  • accounts receivables – lock box services available
  • monitoring late homeowner payments and providing past due letters when needed
  • estoppel services provided upon request

Association/Resident Communication:

For a nominal additional fee we offer each association a web site portal that is extremely effective in allowing your members the ability to obtain the following at just a click away:

  •  association’s documents, rules and regulations available to view or print out.
  •  official association forms and applications inclusive of sales, rentals and architectural review.
  •  ability to access prior board meeting minutes.
  •  ability to access a homeowner roster
  •  ability to make payments on-line via a credit card or each services (at an additional convenience fee to the resident at time of transaction)
  •  ability to provide timely email blasts to all residents with pertinent information for example news of an approaching hurricane and information on the aftermath and clean up

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